Wow, a rare occurance a night out.

Hi Bubblers,

Today I had to buy another 2gb memory card , that’s my 3rd since Monday….OMG all those photos to go through. Today was pretty quiet. I went out early to catch sunrise, was beautiful as it is everyday whatever the weather but it was not a special one. Anyway got a few snaps of the mist swirling over the canel and some beautiful reflections. We had a quiet morning in as my friend was feeling tired and her brother was coming for lunch. Afterwards we went to the local forest and I was amazed at how readily the birds came down to eat the seeds put down for them. I saw Nut Hatches, Great tits,blue tits , coal tits and robins, 3 squirrels ventured out to play and steal the bird food and I evn got a photo of a doremouse? It was some sort of mouse anyway and then my memory card was full. Also it was very busy with people so have got another card and we are going back early tomorrow before the people get there.

This evening we went out for a meal with ruth’s friends., we had a great time and some lovely food, a very nice evening. Got back home about 10-30pm and am now writing this before I leap into bed and tomorrow is my last day here in Ellesmere Port as on Friday about 10-00am I will be leaving to go and pick my daughter up from her Dad’s on the way home.

So night bubblers

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