Hello from Sharon

Good evening Bubblers,
Feeling much better today, have spent the day taking photos, got a sunrise this morning and then we drove to Rhyl in Wales and spent the day wandering, I went into the sealife centre, first time I used my underwater setting on my camera today so that will be interesting to see what the photos are like. When I came out thought I would go down to the beach and take some lovely snaps of the sand and sea..well there was miles and miles of sand but the sea had vanished while I was in sealife centre, LOL. It was so far out I couldn’t even see it on the horizon. Anyway waited around and took a few sunset shots. Was glad to get back today and have a lovely shower, my feet are killing me ,hehehehe!!!!… last memory card is almost full and it’s only Tuesday…………..OMG will need more at this rate……………OMG then I have to worry about being able to download onto my computer..hmmm ok let’s not worry about that for the moment LOL.

Well bubblers, sorry I’m not my usual bubbly (excuse pun LOL)self but I am worn out.will need to go to work next week for the rest…… LOL

Catch you later, bubblers….Sharon

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