Better frame of mind

Well I feel in a better frame of mind now….I think LOL, just had a rough day but not as rough as some maybe.who knows

Got up early for sunrise, got talking to my friend and left it too late, could have kicked myself the sky was the most amazing reds, by the time I drove to the spot I wanted to use, the sunrise had finished. So tomorrow I must not get distracted. Went to a boat museum this morning , went for a walk along the canel path and snapped a couple of barges as they passed. Then in the afternoon I went for a boat ride along the River Dee in Chester, took some shots of the Iron Bridge and managed to snap some squirrels playing in a wild garden. When my friend picked me up she took me to Chester cathedral and wow what fantastic stone work it was amazing and beautiful so I took some snaps of that, omg have used up one of the memory cards already. LOL. anyway was a nice day but ……….other things…….. still in a better frame of mind now. Not sure where I am going tomorrow, so more great snaps to look forward too.

Night bubblers

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