Arrived at last

Hello bubblers

Well finally arrived, left home at 5-00am in the end only got here about 3-00pm, mind you I didn’t rush I stopped at a few services and I had a kip at one as was feeeling sleepy. Damn Google map was useless left out some important bits and I ended up lost going up and down the M6 , not knowing where the hell I was.

Anyway am here and my frined Ruth has let me use compputer so I could fill in my journal.

Saw an amazing sunrise this morning , only trouble was it was in the rear view mirror and I was on the motorway so no photos. :-( It was also very foggy and misty in places. As I passed the River Avon the mist was swirling all around it , and reaching out across the motorway, so sadly again I couldn’t stop and take photos.

Oh well I have a few days here, plenty of time.

Bye for now :-)

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