I'm chillin.......

Hi bubblers,

It’s been rush rush rush today to get everything done before my holiday, did I succeed? No it’s 11-30pm and I have been home about an hour. Left second job today and headed for Tesco’s bought items to keep my son and cats alive while I am gone LOl, easy things like microwave ready means. I did make a homemade cottage pie and put it in the freezer and he complained that he would have to defrost it first and it would take forever to warm up……. no oh thank you Mum for thinking of me.

Anyway no time for dinner tonight, so I’m sitting here with a bit of toast and a coffee, I’m going to crawl into bed for a few hours and then …… shit I haven’t packed anything yet… oh bugger I will chuck some things in a holdall , that will do, I won’t be going anywhere posh, just going to spend time with my friend and keep her company for a while, I’m looking forward to takings some photos. but sadly my best camera is still away being repaired so i will be using my daughters Canon Powershot A540 and that has been doing strange things lately….

Must go need some sleepand have to pack still

Goodnight bubblers.

Will come on when I can and update journal.

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