Holidays are coming............

Good Morning Bubblers
It’s a very cold crisp morning, but the sunrise was wonderful, sadly couldn’t go out to take photos as I had Mum’s Taxi hat on at the time……..still can look at Brummieboy’s pics later ……….LOL, Ok what’s happening today in the exciting world of Sharon………….hehehehe!!!!. I’m at main job, lots of things todo as I start my week off tomorrow, Boss is not in today thank goodness so no last minute jobs when I’m trying to get away. Oh and most important, I have to do my wages today, still gotta pay the bills while on holiday. Hmmmmm there’s a thought wouldn’t it be great if the bills took a holiday too and we didn’t even need to pay them when we came back :)) sighhh can dream can’t I……….oops I’m digressing again……..

When I leave here I have to pop over to other work and finish off there …….then back home to pack and get ready. So gonna be a busy day, need to get some sleep in as I have to drive 250 odd miles tomorrow. I will probably leave home about 2-3am when there’s not much traffic about.

I will have access to a computer at my friend’s so I will be in to update my journal, just won’t be able to upload any photos.

Anyway bubblers work calls……………..back later

Have a great day everyone and may you be blessed with many sales :-))

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