4 minutes to a new day.........

Hello everyone,
Has it been quiet today?? I have been busy, I worked till 8-45pm and on the way home spotted the moon, so I did a quick stop at the beach the moon was out over the sea, a few clouds driftly lazily in front of it and its light cast a silver ribbon across the water, as I stood there a while in quiet contemplation trying hard to ignore the squeal of tyres of the boy racers along the road, my thoughts turned to the day and and other things……….I tried to take a few snaps but my little point and shoot does not seem to like night shots very much they always come out too grainy.

Anyway i didn’t get all my work done so will have to go back after my main job, and i still need to pack and oh many other things to do.

I tried to sort out a photo only to have compter to tell me I have no room left , this is serious, I have to do some deleting and quick…………. so I’m off to bed as eyes as so sore from looking at numbers all day……….

Goodnight fellow bubblers

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