Look at the time

OMG look at the time ………… it’s 2-13am and I’m still here………. still uploading photos……… OK I need to go to bed I have to be up in about 4hrs, to put my Mum’s taxi hat on. I don’t usually work on a Thursday but I have to finish some year end paperwork before I have my week off, so I will be working at the log cabin tomor oops I mena later today. I say log cabin as I do a little extra paperwork once in a blue moon and the guy i work for had an office built onto the side of his house , it looks like a log cabin LOL.

Anyway I have to pack for my holiday, get directions to get there, make sure I have plenty of memory cards and rechargeable batteries. so finally bubblers I;m off to bed……just have one more upload first… yes, yes, just the one.

Goodnight all :))))))))

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