Day almost over

The day is almost over so now time to reflect on what I’ve achived……..hmmmmmmm how many photos did I delete…… errr none…..but I uploaded another 10…..yes I know but it has been a good day…….came home from dropping kids off this morning to find Katie hadn’t closed front door so it was wide open for 2 hours and considering where I live it’s amazing that nothing went missing. Grahame’s unit for his bedroom was finally delivered, he ordered it online from Argos on 13 August, who took the money from his account of 14 August and just delivered today….I was asked by Helen Sewell if I would like to put one of her poems with my Swan Lake image and of course i said yes the poem is lovely. It then gave me the confidence to ask Brummieboy AKA Phil Sanders if I could use one of his poems on my Golden Glow image and he kindly said yes ,so a big thank you to a very talented poet. So all in all it’s not been a bad day……oh (now whispering) the migraine seems to be going………here’s to tomorrow and the fun it will bring :))

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