** Just to update on Louisa **

I only now feel able to write about Louisa, Katie’s cat. If you remember back in May she had to have an eye removed, all went well and she started to recover but then a tooth boke and became infected and her face swelled up. She was back and forth to the vets for various things and on Friday had surgery, it was discovered she had a tumor that had spread and made her teeth fall out and her face to dissolve, anyway we had to make the hard decision to have her put to sleep. It was the kindest thing as she had gone totally blind which she could have gotten used to but she was no longer able to eat.

I’ve found it hard because she was only young about 5 years old, and she still came to me at the vets when I called her and purred like crazy as we stroked her. Katie and I stayed with her and said our goodbyes as she was injected and we carried on stroking her until she went to sleep………

Louisa 2002 – 1 August 2008 RIP

Dedicated to Louisa

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