*** OMG what an awesome moment I just had *******

I found a new location for photographing the sunset, I found it by accident last night, so tonight I decided to go back a bit earlier and have a browse around. I parked up about 8-00pm and walked over to the field that i had spotted. At the back of the field is a long line of trees and i decided they would enhance my sunset pics. I had about an hour to kill as sunset would be about 9-00pm. As I waited I saw something brown “fly” into the field, I got closer and searched for the pheasant that I thought it would be, suddenly a deer appeared in front of me and I thought it was going to jump over my head and away, but it saw me and turned around and rushed off in the opposite direction. Once my heart stopped pounding I cursed that I hadn’t time to get a pic of my very first encounter with a deer.

I carried on waiting and to my amazement a few moments later the deer reappeared stood in front of me on the other side of the fence and stared at me, I slowly raised my camera and took a photo and with that the deer headed off again bounding across the field i did manage another photo but it’s a bit dark.

Stare down

Running away

Wow that happened a couple of hours ago and I am still gobsmacked and thrilled by the close call. I just had to come back home and share the magical moment with you all.

I will be going back to hopefully meet again and get a better photo. I have put my photos on a journal as they are not good enough for my portfolio.

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