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Hi Bubblers

Quick update, I am now well into decorating my bedroom and I find myself thinking while I paint, about the best way ( and cheapest) to display all my lovely red bubble cards from all around the world. My favourite idea at the moment is to buy a giant frame, arrange cards in themes to go in the same frame and then I won’t have to buy 20 thousand single frames ,(slight exaggeration!!!!!!!! as my Mum tells me millions of times :)).) Anyway I hope I explained that right.

I love a bargain, when I went out the other day there was a lot of reduced paint in the local superbuys, I bought 3 pots of paint for the doors and skirting and the radiator for £3. Then I went to the local B & Q warehouse and discovered to my delight they had a wallpaper sale on. I bought 6 rolls of superfresco paper, with a lovely design, they were orginally £53-94 for 6 rolls but at the sale
price I paid £6. I can’t wait to get it on the walls.

Painting came to a halt at the weekend as Dad collapsed at the top of the stairs at 5-00am Sunday morning, Mum managed to get him into the bathroom and he was so sick. She only contacted us at 8-30am to tell us, I drove straight round and my sister turned up 5 mins later. We both told Mum off for not calling us when it happened, she said she didn’t want to disturb us at that hour……..grrrrrrrrr we both said don’t care about the time just phone. Sighhhhhhh, parents they don’t listen do they LOL. Anyway dad is ok, seems he ate something that didn’t agree with him. Mum is having a good week this week such a relief after last weeks depression. Her scans were all clear except the thyroid and calcium ones, so they have dropped steroids and she has been so much better. So my sister and i stayed with them for most of the day on Sunday and somehow ended up defrosting her freezer and cleaning the kitchen ………..LOL.

Okay back to work for me I have a ceiling to paint.

More later, keep bubbling and I miss you all.

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