Decorating my bedroom

Hi bubblers
Finally started stripping wallpaper today, not sure if it’s because it so old but it is coming off in big sheets so shouldn’t take long, Katie gave me a hand earlier today. Progress is slow, I’d forgotten that I have to be careful because of the arthritis, I take my pills and make sure I do small amounts, as I am well aware that the last time I decorated I took a week off work and worked all day long all week I then had the following week off sick as my arthritis flared up. Must of been a few years ago as Mum came round and gave me a shower while I sat on a stool….. so this time I’m being much slower, my bedroom has never been decorated in 15 years of living here so I certainly can wait and take my time.

Anyway enough waffling here’s a few before photos. We bought the house of a guy whose mother used to live here, she died and he put it up for sale. She was totally blind and I think he just gave everything a coat of paint to freshen the house up. Every room was a brown and beige colour, so I can’t wait to inject some pink and white and silver into the room. I already have my wallpaper, lights,duvet and curtains……… so watch this space :))

Before Photos

The carpet that was already down when we moved into the house in July 1995.

My ex husband was not a DIY person, this was his attempt at wiring for the tv and telephone cables.

This was a car speaker he set up so that we could hear the tv through it

The orignal tv bracket that he put up was so close to the ceiling it made that awful mark, I have since got a new tv and had the bracket put down lower, oh and my shelves in case you were wondering are waredrobe doors that he put up

My bedroom light, need I say any more

Katie helping me strip the wallpaper off

and finally see how clean it’s left the walls

So as you can see I am really looking forward to painting and wallpapering and putting things right and proper. So watch this space and await my new room :))

Goodnight bubblers……….

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