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Hi all,
I have good and bad news, they unfortunaly are linked. I have a bank manager who has no sense of humour at all. He has told me that I need to find some money so that I can live in a means that I desire. To do this I have to get a real job. I sadly understand that my capabilities with the camera will not be enough to bring me an income. There for I have decided to go (some may remeber the TV show) on the busses. Yes all who live in and around Launceston Tasmania make sure you and your loved ones stay off the roads because I will be driving a leathel weapon. That as I said is “good and bad news”, the good part is it will get the tight fisted bank manager off my back. The bad part is that I will not be able to spend as much time as I would like and need with camera in hand.
I will however continue to monitor and enjoy all the fantastic work desplayed by you wonderful friends ( I hope I am not being presumptiuos calling you friends) in the redbubble community. I will from time to time be contributing some work of my own for I hope your pleasurable viewing.
Keep all the brilliant work flowing in.
Regards to you all,
Les (wiccanrider)

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