QUOTE Entry 15

July 22 ~ 2013.
This is a little more on the creation of the song in entry 13, " Just a Pawn ".
There is no easy way to put this so as I used to say when I was young,
" Here’s the thing ". As time has gone on the way it always will,events in life have become very hard to explain in terms that I was traditionally taught to use. the words that I would choose to describe many of these " events " that have happened during the first 6 months of this year of our Lord 2013, any words would not give justice to said events. I can not find them.
So, I, Erle Everett Rice, me being me, have decided to release the crazy way all this bullshit makes me feel by returning to the one thing that has
Writing about it in such a way as to personally not forget. In other words,write a song. I try in my own little way to grasp the RAW CRAZY EMOTIONAL BACKWARDS ASS STUPID EXTREMELY INTERESTING ACTIONS we humans call life.I then snag a melody from my mind, attach words to it in different order, over and over and over until I feel that it might work as a song.I have at last put all the songs that I feel are complete into one body of work. !4 songs. the work is called " SPELLBOOK " I have this belief that every song is like a spell.Think about it.
If created by an experienced observant mind,a mind that has had some decent teachers,a mind that takes the time to make many mistakes and yet finds the way to OVERCOME THE FAILURES, to persevere with the desire to CREATE SOMETHING POSITIVE TO OFFER TO THE WORLD AND ALL THOSE WITHIN IT.
Well, heck, I’d call that a " light " spell.There are “dark” spells.
Some spells ( songs ) achieve good things,some bad. An easy song, an easy mood.
A cherished memory. A thrashing song, mosh pit picnic. The better the cheese,the more satisfying the Alfredo. But, hey, this is just the way I look at it.

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