Last Arrow

The Last Arrow……

I will remember the day well, as if it were only yesterday. It will be the day that will out live all days in my heart and in my mind. I will treasure this day for all time…..

These days that lay out before me would mark the beginning of the predawn. A time when the seasons began to change once again. A time when one constellation gives way to the next.
A time of new beginnings and growth from deep with in.

Somewhere nestled in between Pisces and the Big Dipper slept Aries.

Aries known as The Ram was waking from a long winters sleep. For now was his time to take control of the spring skies from deep within the heavens above. A strong warrior from days long ago would now out shine any other constellation in the skies. Mars, the Crown Jewel of the night skies would keep a watchful eye over Aries, for Mars guided this mighty fire sign with strenght and courage.
But what did I know at the time?

Somewhere up above me in these new spring skies sat Venus. The goddess of all love. The daughter of Jupiter was sitting in The Garden of Hesperides mastering a plan to remind a world that sat below her about the undying story of love. For this day, The Day of Saint Valentines comes but once a year.
Little did I know how restless she had become.

She summonsed for her blessed cherub son Cupid and requested his help in seeing out her plan. This tiny boy , Eros ,with wings of a butterflies went about granting his mothers wishes. Shooting his arrows tainted with passion and desire carelessly in the air. Tiny arrows that were marked for hearts that were filled with despair. Did this boy have a plan? Or did he just shot forth into any man?There I stood by the roses we had yet to sell. Watching people rush in just to grab anything for there special someone at next to the last minute.

The day of love soon came to an end. We would soon continue on our way not thinking much about the past day. Roses would soon wither and fade away. Who would of known that there was but one arrow that still had not fallen from the sky?
I didn’t realize what had happened until I found myself dancing out side in the newly fallen snow.

All Aries could do was look down at me from the vast heavens above with a boyish grin on his face. Aries at one time his self had been touched by the passionate love of Venus. I wondered if he missed her touch, her smile. I wondered if Venus dreamed of him and longed to be with him? But more than that I began to contemplate what my place was in all of this. What plans did the stars up above hold for me? All I knew was that Venus in her undefined wisdom had pick me from so many and held the door wide open.

The seasons would turn again. Mars, the star of Aries would be the last star to fade in the early morning from the night sky. Days were growing longer marking the peak of the summer solstice. Orion the masterful hunter was now in charge of the night time skies. Orion always on the hunt standing at the edge of the Eridanus river with his two faithful canines at his side, Canis Major and Minor. Every night from the southern sky they hunted for Lepus the hair. The goddess of the moon, Atremis chasing close behind her lover. She herself was known to be a skilled archer and hunter and would often join him in the hunt. Atremis’s love for Orion was so strong she once failed to light the night sky with the light of the moon.

The night air was warm and for the first time there was a long over due calm whispering in the air. I sat there searching out answers from the night sky, watching the celestial heavenly body’s play above me. Orion the hunter continued to hunt for what I don’t know in the summer sky , maybe he was hunting for his lost love that he held in his arms at on time. I stood outside watching as the stars drifted by me in the night sky.

This was the month of June, and it came with a rare moon, the Blue moon. I didn’t know at the time but this moon held power and with it all is possible. The gods above sitting on Mount Olympus. Eating Golden Apples from the garden. And I sitting out side late at night thanking the heaven above for mastering a divine plan, maybe one I don‘t entirely understand. What I do know is that my sign of The Leo, is out there somewhere living in the heavens above. Surrounded by the passion from the days when the Greek Gods had ruled the night skies above me. I know that I have a place in this continuing story of love,

That one arrow had finally fallen from the sky. I hold it now with in my hands.
Whisper 02/08

Last Arrow


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