Is it just me?

Had court today. Went to see about what would come of his second arrest for domestic abuse in under a year. He plead guilty to the charges today and now it goes to sentencing on the 30th of this month. On a second domestic offence the fine is $750.00 and another round of diversion classes.
Now the first time around diversion didn’t work so what makes them think it will this time? If he had learned that he can not control and dominate others as well as if he would of learned to control his anger we wouldn’t be in this situation again.
The first time around I chalked it up to him being not only angry but just getting busted for it. I figured if he went to the classes he would learn something from them. He learned very little and what he did get from the classes was forced down my throat by him. He would always come home from these classes and tell me I needed them. And it was because of me he was in this situation. Always my fault. He could never “own “ his problems, he always tried to pass the buck or make an excuse for his actions. Never once has he stepped up to the plate.
After court today I receive a phone call from him treating me by telling me to ’drop the protection orders that protect me and the kids from him or he will not give any money to me. I tell him that I refuse to use the kids as a pawn in any of this! I tell him if he truly loves his kids he would be doing the right thing by providing money to them even if it’s not court ordered at this point. He tells me again unless I drop the orders he will not pay anything and hopes that I lose every thing. But yet he “ loves” his kids and misses them. Am I missing something here?

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