Kids and wisdom

Went to tuck in my youngest of three kids into bed the other night.
Got him in bed gave him a quick kiss and a hug good night. Went back and got the ‘cup of water’ they all need but never drink,, came back tossed blankets over him told him good night turned off the lights and walked out the room. Mission accomplished right? No! A little voice came from the room I had just left…“Mom?” ’ What?’ I said grumpily, just wanting to be left alone for the rest of the night. “You know at least Dad takes the time to tuck in my blankets, you just throw them over my head, and say, now go to sleep. Dad does it much better than you.” Ouch that hurt!
But my youngest made me stop and think. It is not often that I’m home at night to give kisses and hugs to them. I tend to get so over whelmed when I’m off at night that I forget that little things like good night kisses and hugs matter most to them. It is most likely these little things that they will remember. They won’t remember the new toys that were bought, the trips to Mc Donald’s. They will remember that I took time out of my life and gave sincere kisses and spent an extra two minutes to properly tuck them in. They will remember that instead of cleaning house all day I made the choice to go play in the park with them or took them swimming. They won’t have childhood memories of a clean house. Their memories consist of how we spent our time together. I want them to remember that I was there involved in their lives as they grew not just existing next to them.
So yes, words of wisdom from my 6 year old. “Take time out and enjoy the little things in life…because on day soon they will be grown and I’ll find myself wishing I would of done more when I had the chance. The house will wait but these children wait all week just to have a good night kiss from mom.

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