Giving Credit...( blog from begining of year)

I sit here today and reflect back on this past year. My first thought is about how shitty it has been for me. My second thought is how wonderful it has been. I have endured so much this year. But more than that I have learned much more about myself. I never thought as myself as a strong woman. Never once viewed my self as a leader maybe more of a follower. I never thought that I could empower myself or make choices that were my own.

I have come to learn that I am an individual. I have my own free will. I have learned most of all to value myself more. To give myself more credit than I have in the past. So in short I have climbed a mountain this past year and I don’t plan on turning around. I plan on picking out the next one to climb. One that stands a little taller a little more challenging. I will give myself permission to master the climb, I will give myself only a brief moment of self doubt. Then I will tell myself yet again the doubt part only comes in small waves. And once the wave has rolled on by me I will pick up again.

The song of choice for me this year is by Matthew Wilder… The one that says …"Nothing going to break my stride. Nothing going to slow me down. I ’ve got to keep on moving." my next song that comes to mind is Winning by Santana. These will be my theme songs for this year.

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