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I work in two main areas here: My own art, and conversion of out of copyright materials. I love both tasks equally, and wish you most welcome. Both my own art and some of what I convert contain some PG-13 items. To see everything that’s available, you’ll have to log in – but if you’re OK just seeing the non PG-13 materials, you’re good to go.

My own artwork includes painting, photography, and illustration. The materials I convert – either to vector, or simply by color correction – cover a somewhat wider range, with a bit of a fixation on children’s and scientific materials.

All materials here are organized by tag. You can – and probably should – search for more than one tag. Thus, searching for wetdryvac finds all my work here. Searching for wetdryvac and glitch would find all my work on the glitch project.

My own projects are tagged as follows:

Mixed, media, photography, poetry, watercolor, inversion, brush, ink, silkscreen, B&W, digital, paint, HDR, and color are more or less self-explanatory. WDV stands for Watercolor Inversion, a painting that’s painted with digital inversion in mind as the final. WDVH includes watercolor and other processes on large media, likewise inverted. WDVMM covers inverted mixed media of all sizes. WDVT involves toned paper and sometimes involves inversions – but not always. Ink Pulls use silk screen approach but without the mesh or screen – just ink, paper, and a squeegee. WDVP covers inverted watercolor and mixed media portraits.

Individual series include: Hills, Telegraph Wind, Bangfortune, Chemistry – mostly digital signs of chemical formulas, Hills, Katzen, Sherlock, Math Signs, Occupy and Democracy, Of Shield, Pastels, Pencil works, Poster, Thinkbag comic, original Vector works, Weather Spirits, Webwork, and Scattered Resistance.

Projects based on other materials, the requirements for being that they’re out of copyright and in the public domain:

The Glitchen Project: Tremendous thanks to the folks at Tiny Speck, using materials sourced from – making their materials public domain was one of the most excellent things ever. Project elements are tagged as follows, with base tags of Glitchen and Glitch. Individual categories of Glitch categories: Alchemy, Artifact, Furniture, Beans, Collection, Compounds, Cubimals, Drinks, Food, Harvestable, Resources, Herbs, Inhabitants, Keys, Miscellaneousness, Music, Blocks, musicblock, party, pack, pumpkins, quest, coats, dresses, masks, pants, hats, mask, masks, seeds, shirts, shoes, shrines, skirts, spices, trophies, alpine, firebog, groddle, homes, ilmenskie, ix, overlay, furniture, wardrobia

The USGS map conversion project: Base Tags: USGS – all items. topo – All topographic items. Subtags in this project are by state, town, year, and catalog number where applicable. Some lake and ocean features are also included.

Specific artist and science projects, focusing on image cleanup and modification for print friendliness:

Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn: Paintings and illustrations, tagged by type of work, title, and year. Most source material with thanks to the Rijks Museum.

Projects based on books are tagged by author, illustrator, title, title of plate, illustration, and similar. Where taxonomy or heraldry is included, Latin names, English names, and as much other detail as possible is included in the tags. Books from which material has been converted are listed below, and because artwork is the focus, illustrators are given name precedence in the list.

James Audubon – The birds of America : from drawings made in the United States and their territories, 1884
James Audubon – Audubon’s Mammals: The Quadrupeds of North America

Antonio Basoli – Alphabeto Pittorico, 1839

Arthur Charles Fox-Davies – A Complete Guide to Heraldry, 1909

Neues systematisches Conchylien-Cabinet V1-V12, 1769-1823

Walter Crane – A Flower Wedding – Described by Two Wallflowers, 1905
Walter Crane – A Masque of Days – From the Last Essays of Elia, 1901
Walter Crane – A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Walter Crane – The Baby’s Boquet – A Fresh Binch of Old Rhymes and Tunes, 1900
Walter Crane – The Baby’s Opera – A Book of Old Rhymes With New Dresses, 1900
Walter Crane – The Baby’s Own Aesop, 1908
Walter Crane – The Basis of Design, 1902
Walter Crane – Beauty and the Beast, 1875
Walter Crane – Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince, The Hind in the Woods, 1911
Walter Crane – The Buckle My Shoe Picture Book, 1910
Walter Crane – Cinderella Picture Book containing Cinderella, Puss in Boots, and Valentine and Orson, 1911
Walter Crane – Don Quixote of the Mancha retold by Judge Parry, 1920
Walter Crane – Eight illustrations to Shakespeare’s Tempest, 1894
Walter Crane – Fairy Ship, 18xx
Walter Crane – The Forty Thieves, 1898
Walter Crane – The Frog Prince, 1874
Walter Crane – The Golden Primer by John Miller Dow, 1884
Walter Crane – Goody-Two-Shoes, 190x
Walter Crane – Household Storeis from the Collection of the Brothers Grimm by Lucy Crane, 1882
Walter Crane – King Arthur’s Knights – The Tale Retold for Boys and Girls by Sir Thomas Malory
Walter Crane – Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes – A Colelction of Alphabets, Rhymes, Tales and Jingles, 1877
Walter Crane – The Mother Hubbard Picture Book
Walter Crane – The Old Garden and Other Verses by Margaret Deland and Wade Campbell, 1894
Walter Crane – Princess Belle-Etoille, 1909
Walter Crane – Queen Summer, or, The Tourney of the Lilly and the Rose, 1891
Walter Crane – Renascence a Book of Verse, 1891
Walter Crane – Rumbo Rhymes, or, The Great Combine a Satire by Alfred Calmour
Walter Crane – The Shepheard’s Calender Twelve Aeglogues Proportionable to the Twelve Monethes. Newly Adorned with Twelve Pictures and Other Devices, 1898
Walter Crane – The Song Of Sixpence Pocket Book, 1909
Walter Crane – Spenser’s Faerie Queene. A Poem in Six Books; with the Fragment Mutabilitie. Ed. by Thomas J. Wise, V1-V6, 1896
Walter Crane – The story of the Glittering Plain which has been also called the Land of Living Men or the Acre of the Undying by William Morris, 1894
Walter Crane – The Vision of Dante – A Story for Little Children and a Talk to Their Mothers by Elizabeth Harrison, 1894
Walter Crane – Walter Crane’s Painting Book, 1889

George Cruikshank – The Cruikshank Fairy-Book – Four Famous Stories, 1911

Mordecai Cubitt Cook – Illustrations of British Fungi, V1-V8, 1891

Caroline Creevy – Harper’s Guide to Wild Flowers – Creevey, Caroline and Stickney, Alathea, 1912

Georges Cuvier, PA Latreille, and Henry McMurtrie – The Animal Kingdom, 1834

William Daniell – African Scenery and Animals Samuel and William Daniell, 1804

Francis Day – The fishes of India being a natural history of the fishes known to inhabit the seas and fresh waters of India, Burma and Ceylon, 1878

Edmund Dulac – The Bells and Other Poems – Edgar Allan Poe, 1912
Edmund Dulac – The Dreamer of Dreams – Carmen Sylva, 1900
Edmund Dulac – Fairies I Have Met – Rudolph Stawell, 1910
Edmund Dulac – Fairy-book Fairy Tales of the Allied Nations, 1917
Edmund Dulac – Princess Badoura, a tale from the Arabian Nights, 1913
Edmund Dulac – Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyam – Trans. Edward Fitzgerald, 1909
Edmund Dulac – Shakespeare’s Comedy of the Tempest, 1915
Edmund Dulac – Sinbad the Sailor and other Tales of the Arabian Nights, 1914
Edmund Dulca – The Sleeping Beauty and Other Fairy Tales from the Old French, 1910
Edmund Dulac – Stories from Hans Andersen, 1911
Edmund Dulac – Stories from the Arabian Nights, 1907
Edmund Dulac – Stories from the Arabian Nights, 1911
Edmund Dulac – Tanglewood Tales – Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1919

Virginia Gerson – Rose Buds, 1885

Kate Greenaway – A Apple Pie, 1886
Kate Greenaway – A Day in a Child’s Life Myles Birket Foster and Kate Greenaway, 1881
Kate Greenaway – Almanac, 1880
Kate Greenaway – Almanac, 1893
Kate Greenaway – Amateur Theatricals by Walter Herries & Juliet Creed Pollock, 1879
Kate Greenaway – The April Baby’s Book of Tunes by Elizabeth art Kate Greenaway, 1900
Kate Greenaway – Aunt Louisa’s Nursery Favorite by Laura Valentine, 1870
Kate Greenaway – Briggs & Company Patent Transferring Papers, 1886
Kate Greenaway – Dame Wiggins of Lee & her Seven Wonderful Cats Mrs Pearson, Richard Scrafton Sharp, John Ruskin, Kate Greenaway, William Harcourt Hooper, 1885
Kate Greenaway – De Lebris Prose and Verse Tomson Hugh, 1909
Kate Greenaway – Five Mice in a Mouse Trap – Laura Elisabeth Howe Richards, 1881
Kate Greenaway – Flowers & Fancies Valentines Ancient & Modern Montgomerie Ranking, 1882
Kate Greenaway – Gertie’s Sunflower by George Lambert Mabel, 1882
Kate Greenaway – The Glad Year Round for Boys and Girls by Almira George Plympton,1882
Kate Greenaway – Heartsease or The Brother’s Wife by Charlotte Mary Yonge, 1882
Kate Greenaway – Kate Greenaway Collection, 1905
Kate Greenaway – Language of Flowers, 1884
Kate Greenaway – Little Ann and Other Poems by Jane and Ann Taylor, 1883
Kate Greenaway – The Little Folks Painting book by George Weatherly
Kate Greenaway – Marigold Garden Pictures and Rhymes, 1900
Kate Greenaway – Miniature Under the Window Pictures & Rhymes for Children, 1880
Kate Greenaway – Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes, 1881
Kate Greenaway – Mrs Leicester’s School Charles & Mary Lamb with Minifred Green, 18xx
Kate Greenaway – New Sample Book of Our Artistic Perforated Parchment Stamping Patterns Kate Greenaway, John Frederick Ingalls, 1886
Kate Greenaway – The Pied Piper of Hamlin Robert Browning
Kate Greenaway – The Queen of Pirate Isle Bret Harte, Edmund Evans, 1886
Kate Greenaway – Rhymes for the Young Folk William and Hellen Allingham
Kate Greenaway – Some Little People George Kringle & Kate Greenaway, 1881
Kate Greenaway – Under the Window Pictures and Rhymes for Children Edmund Evans, 1878

Albert C L G Gunther – The Reptiles of British India,1864

Lukas Hochenleitter und Kompagnie – Plantarum Indigenarum et Exoticarum, 1788 – 026

Humbolt – Atlas zu Alex V Humbolt’s Cosmos, 1851

Lizzy Lawson – Old Proverbs with New Pictures Lizzie Laweson and Clara Mateaux, 1881

Alphonse Marie Mucha Maillard – Léon Menus and Programs, 1898

Charles Marsh – The Dinosaurs of North America Vol 16

Richard A Proctor – Half Hours with the Stars, 1889

Arthur Rackham – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, 1915
Arthur Rackham – A Dish of Apples by Eden Phillpotts, 1921
Arthur Rackham – A Wonder Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1851
Arthur Rackham – Aesop’s Fables, 1913
Arthur Rackham – Comus Illustrated, 1921
Arthur Rackham – English Fairy Tales by Flora Annie Webster Steel, 1922
Arthur Rackham – Good Night – Buenas Noches – Elieanor Gates, 1907
Arthur Rackham – Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathan Swift, 1899
Arthur Rackham – Hansel & Grethel & Other Tales – Grimm Wilelm and Jacob
Arthur Rackham – Irish Fairy Tales – James Stephans, 1920
Arthur Rackham – The Land of Enchantment
Arthur Rackham – Peer Gynt – A Dramatic Poem – Henrik Ibsen,19xx
Arthur Rackham – Puck of Pook’s Hill – Rudyard Kipling,1906
Arthur Rackham – The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy – Mabel Henrietta Spielmann, 1909
Arthur Rackham – The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie – Richard Wagner, 1910
Arthur Rackham – The romance of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, 1917
Arthur Rackham – Siegfried & the Twilight of the Gods – Richard Wagner, 1911
Arthur Rackham – The Sleeping Beauty – Charles Seddon Evans, 1920
Arthur Rackham – The Springtide of Life Poems of Childhood – Algernon Charles Swinburne, 1918
Arthur Rackham – Snickerty Nick, 1919
Arthur Rackham – Snowdrop & Other Tales – Jacob Grimm, 1920
Arthur Rackham – Some British Ballads – Sangorski and Sutcliffe, 1919
Arthur Rackham – Undine – Freiherr de La Motte Frou, 1919
Arthur Rackham – Where the Blue Begins – Christopher Morley, 1922
Arthur Rackham – The Zankiwank & the Bletherwitch – Shafto Justin Adair Fitz-Gerald, 1896

Asa Smith – Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy, 1855

Virginia Frances Sterrett – Old French Fairy Tales by Comtesse De Segur, 1920
Virginia Frances Sterrett – Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1921

Henry Sutter – Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca, 1915

Sir John Tenniel – Cartoons by Sir John Tenniel selected from the pages of Punch, 1901
Sir John Tenniel – Through the Looking Glass Lewis Carroll, 1872

Milo Winter – The Book of Elves and Fairies by Frances Jenkins Olcott, 1918
Milo Winter – Night with Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris, 1917
Milo Winter – Nuova or The New Bee by Venon L Kellogg, 1920
Milo Winter – Robin Hood and his Merry Men by Maude Radfor Warren, 1917
Milo Winter – The Trail Book by Mary Hunter Austin, 1918
Milo Winter – The Wonder Garden by Frances Jenkins Olcott, 1919

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