A cry for help/support from my peers

Hello all,

I am in need and asking of your help. It took me awhile to put my pride aside in order to write this entry but my situation is desperate enough that I have to take every course of action possible. Over seven years ago I was an electrical contractor earning a six figure annual income. Unfortunately, I was hurt on the job and have suffered immensely since then. I have undergone 5 major back surgeries, had countless injections and have to take pain medication. Most recently, in April of 2007 I had a Neuromodular Stimulator Unit implanted in my back, yet I’m still in severe pain. My condition prevents me from being able to work in the electrical trade. The problem is that I have a family and a modest home to maintain and don’t generate enough income to stay afloat. I recently received notice from my mortgage company that I may be in jeopardy of foreclosure if I don’t bring my account current.What I am asking for is not a hand out but a little support. I would be very greatful if some of the art members here who find my work worthy could purchase some of my products and/or direct some of their customers to my work so that I may generate some supplimental income to offset my expenses.I promise you that this is not a ploy or scam to try and garner business as I have all of my medical records to support my claims. I do not expect sympathy but a little empathy wouldn’t hurt.I would like to thank you all in advance for your support and wish you all a healthy, prosperous and joyful 2008.Sincerely,Weshon Hornsby

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