New Group!

AP and I are pleased to announce a new group! This group focuses on the beauty of Smoke, and those who do…..ha ha ha…..taboo? Yes indeed….Controversial? You better believe it!!!!!!! We invite you all to come and play!
Join here


Fun with Exploitation!

If you didn’t see my journal from yesterday….I am going to repost it exactly as is…Why, because I am LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha!

I am so excited to say that my cohost and I have a new group…You will love it! Especially if you love Rock and Roll!!!!!!!! Come on over and post your brilliance! Can’t wait to see you all HERE

Allow me to bother you all again!!!!!!!!

I wanted to tell you all that I am starting a page strictly devoted to exploiting artists via Facebook….If you would like to be exploited, please click here

Facebook should not just be about blogging and Bull S***! There are brilliant artist there that deserve exposure!
Click on the link, become a fan, and write add me on my wall!!!!!!! This is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning bubblers!

I am so excited to introduce and welcome a brand new artist who has chosen to showcase her work here! Not only is she a brilliant photographer and artist, she is also my friend…..Her name is Cynthie C…. Together we plan to take the Gulf Coast by storm with our images…I am so happy to finally connect with someone with the same goals as I have….Lets give her a huge welcome and help acknowledge her for her brilliant work…..Ladies and Gentlemen…I present Cynthie

P.S. she is from Puerto Rico and has the gorgeous Latino beauty to prove it!


I am blown away!

So much to say…here goes!
First of all, I want to thank this group
They featured my image
I just became a member of this fantastic group and I am proud to be a part of it!…

Secondly, I want to thank this incredible group
for featuring the same image
I hope you all know how extremely honored I truly am!
Next on my thank you list goes out to this fab group
for featuring this image
What an incredible honor!!!!!!!
This group
featured my image

Another feature by this group
for my image

Last yet certainly not least I want to thank this group
for featuring my off the wall SP

I am speechless with honor and enthusiasm to create more and more. I am moved by all of your comments on my “PRIVATE MOMENT EXPOSED II” image….
These moments in life are just a blink in time…but to capture them forever is a preservation

Thank you Around the World!

Once again I am truly honored to be featured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This incredible group
that I just recently joined has featured my latest image

I truly am honored!
Another feature
in the fab group Has been brought to my attention……I have been slacking lately…I do apologize!!!!!! I have comments to post, pics to comment on…etc etc…………I will try not to be such a slacker!

I also want to continue to thank everyone supporting my Brickfish competition! Because of all of you I am back on top! I do want to get higher in the rankings! I am making this my mission now! LOL Once again…I thank you all!
If you want to continue to support me vote here
Big fat cyber hugs and kisses!!!!!!!

I shot away from the cover!

Ok….i know I am boring the hell out of everyone, but I still need votes! LOL Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it turns out that you can vote every twenty four hours! I am currently ranked # 90 out of almost 2000 people…..If you will please vote here

I am ever so greatful for all of you that are supporting me!


Ha ha ha!!!!!!!! still in the 10 percentile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I am probably boring you all with this competition, but I am getting closer and closer, and I want to win! Atleast for the goods!!!!!! LOL I just found out the you can vote again every 24 hours!!!!!!! If you are so inclined to do so, I would LOVE any support that I can get! I want to tell all of you who have voted for me how much I appreciate this! I rarely enter competitions….Now that I have entered this one, and I am getting so close…I am just getting more motivated to be more competitive!…

I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to this wonderful group

for featuring my image
in their wonderful group…..It is quite an honor to be featured in a group representing your own country….I thank you so very much for this honor!

Once again, I thank you all ever so much fo

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