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Well it has been a couple of days since my last few paragraphs of drivel, for those who enjoy the read…my apologies. : { )}

Today I want to talk about Avatars.

I have been having some fun switching around my profile picture. I have actually found it quite amusing to switch it constantly. I decided to take sometime to look at some of the Avatars people here on RB.

I have to say many really put effort in their Avatars. They symbolize who they are and what they are about. Many use the regular photo and it is lovely to see those smiling, scowling, frowning, laughing, humorous, serious, funny faced, pictures.

There are portraits so diligently taken and the obvious quick webcam shots.

But it is also fun to see those who create little pieces of art.

Blue puppies, broken hearts, signs, warnings, drawings, eyeballs (which I found really fascinating so I did it too…heehee). For some the Avatar itself is as important as the work they strive to complete. Which is awesome. These amazing people strive to represent themselves in a small little box to the rest of RB. I applaud those people for trying so hard to impact right out of the gate.

If you have an opportunity, look at the clothing, art, writing that is featured or most popular or even recent and scroll through the list of artists. Really look at the Avatar and then the work…sometimes the reletionship between the 2 is really amazing…other times, like when you are looking at my ever changing mug…it ain’t…lol

Thanks for reading, comments welcome and the best part of commenting on rambling is I will except everything….

So if you want to just do the old “lol”
or “??”
or “What are you ON?”
or “good God I will never get the time I wasted reading your inane banter!”
or “I know where you live and I am not above kicking you in the groin, you blathering idiot.”
or “fresh pasta is so much better than dried.”

Please do.

As always I warned you at the beginning….

Peace N Love


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