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Happy April Fools Day!!(although my experience is that being a fool does not make you incredibly happy…)

So today I shall ramble on about me…

I was born in Newport Wales in 1970. being born on a zero number ensures that I do not forget how old I am. I am not 40 yet, but I see it creeping ever closer. The slight graying has begun in my beard and what is left of my hair. We moved to Canada in 1975, just my parents and my older brother and younger sister. So Canadian I have become.

I seem to have been the lucky one in my family. My brother still has all of his hair and it is as blonde as it was when he was a kid. He is older than me the basturd…I mean lucky him.

My father did not start to go bald until he was well in his fifties. He did not start to gray until he was in his fifties. I, on the other hand, started receding at 16, and the first gray popped in around 34. Now I will be honest the spread of those pesky white hairs has not been a quick one, but they are still there.

I was not a thin child, but not overly huge either. I was that lovely and politically correct “huskey.” I was a cute kid. We all have blue eyes and blonde or at least dirty blonde hair. My large cranium always gave me a cute cartoon look. Big eyes, big head…lol. I was the class clown (surprise) and worked quite diligently at creating that persona.

I went to a number of different schools before landing in the one I would call “my school.” This was caused by my brother’s wild path of destruction and my parents trying to do the right thing for me to curve any such behaviour. In truth all they did was make sure any trouble I got into I would hide from them.

Growing up I was not an outgoing kid after school or on weekends. I enjoyed sitting behing my Commodore 64 typing in endless strings of machine language to create an amazing display of computer graphics. Back then you would type in about 2500 lines of machine code to get a blue ball to bounce around the screen. I still marvel at the simplicity and shear awe this created. This is only 28 years ago…wow we have come far.

I will skip the dreaded high school years, needless to say I went through my phases. Cliques were the name of the game back in the 80s and I was one of those kids that easily slip in and out of all of them. I had some success in the ways of the heart, but mostly dismal failures…lol.

I was out of high school fairly early due to an incident. Okay the incident was I did not go. I preferred to hang out with the girls from St Joe’s, If one of them wanted to skip class, well I was there. Yes woman have been able to control me through out my life, and I am okay with that…hee hee.

I have dated many women( a lot), but only really had 3 real loves.

Michelle, the sweetest and most beautiful woman I have ever known. She shared my humor, my joy of writing and was as nuts as I was.

Malanie, she was an amazing part of my life. we were best friends who were more than friends, but always just friends. She revelled in her control of me and I reveled in being controlled.

Trish, my ex. I will not dwell very long on her, nor will I describe why I married her. She is my biggest disappointment in my life, but also gave me my daughters, so it is a catch 22. You can not truly hate the Mother of your kids (as long as the kids are treated well, and they are.) nuff said…move on…

I have had many ups and downs, unfortunately much more downs. These things make us who we are, or at least that is what everyone keeps telling me. I could not change anything in my life because i would be terrified that it would impact the birth of my kids. I believe whole heartedly in the butterfly effect.

So hear I am. There is more to tell, but i will ramble on another day.

I sit here a bald, husky, bearded, bard. Not overly tall, not overly handsome, not overly loved, but loved by three beauties that no one could ever come close to.

Thanks for reading….remember I warned you about rambling…lol

Peace N Love


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