I Ramble Sometimes...12


So what to talk about today…

The ever popular green underwear….no
The doing nothing is something…no
The integration of separatist ideals in Canadian Society…don’t even know what that is.

Today I will spew forth my drivel on about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. My kids.

I will remind you I have 3 girls…yes all girls…when I was married it was four…then the dog was a girl…my ex has 4 sisters…well you get the idea.

I am very in touch with my femine side, I actually have no choice. I have worn makeup for them on spa days and I am not ashamed…lol

My girls are getting older and it seems that as I age they age about 10 times faster. My eldest is 10 and my middle is 8. These are the two I will focus on at the moment.

So I know that dating and boys will be a part of my life with 3 girls. i know that as a pretty open guy I should have no problem with the fact that it will happen. The Daddy in me does argue alot with that logic and I know I will cringe the first time an actual date occurs. My problem is that my girls are already talking about boys they like and are cute…UGH!

Luckily my 10 year old is still in the frame of mind that boys, for the most part are silly jerks (GOD I love her!!) but my 8 year old is right into her cute boys and who likes who and “oh my he is sooo…” This is hard for a daddy to take, even though it is innocent, I look at her wee face and want to scream…“BOYS ARE YUCKY!”

The problem also comes in the form of memory. I never went through a girls are yucky phase. In fact as long as I can remember I wanted to be near the girls. I would skip in kindergarten to be with them, I would take Home Eq. to be near them. my first GF was at age 5 and my first fight over her was 2 weeks later. (when a boy tried to kiss her..)

This amorous side of my personality stayed with me my entire life. This of course does not mean I was at all successful with women (I was the “friend” guy..sigh…) but I tried…lol

If my Taryn is like me at all, well I am in trouble. So I will wait and watch as years go by and hope that she will decide boys are yucky at least for a bit. In all likelihood she will be the first one to go on a date (as she has already said she can’t wait…boohoo).

Don’t worry, readers of the ramble, logic dictates that the girls are enjoy innocent fun and I should not be marrying them off at 8 and 10…I am not. I would be quite happy for them to stay 8 and 10 forever, but they won’t and I will, in a few short years have 3 teens to deal with…scary.

In the mean time I will enjoy the sweet little girls as much as I can. try to instill logic in their minds and hope they have the common sense needed to survive the teen years.

I will not discuss my youndest she is a ramble all on her own…lol

Thanks for reading and hopefully giggling.

Peace n Love


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