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Hello again…I seem to have a lot of nothing to say over the last few days. Of course I still appreciate you reading the nothing and seeing something in the nothing that eludes me….(huh?)

Nothing….hmm…if I do nothing is that not something? i mean to actually decide to do nothing means that that is what you are doing, which becomes something. Would you agree?

Also I notice that we use nothing to define something that we do not find all that interesting. Often you ask someone what are you doing…the reply is nothing, but the fact that they are talking to you means they are doing something.

The problem is that when I respond to that question with the obvious answer I seem to get looks….

“What are you doing?”

“Talking to you.”

“Well obviously.” (with a tone)

“Then why are you asking?”

This is usually when the conversation turns to the old faithful response.
“Just kidding I’m do Nothing.”

I do have a few friends who do not accept the nothing response.

“Nothing? You are doing nothing?” as if the mere idea is an act of stupidity on my part. “You must be doing something?”

“Well, I’m talking to you.” (well you get the idea)

This applies to other wonderful terms we use frequently.

“How are you?”

“I am fine.”

What is fine? Are you feeling fine like a good wine? Fine as silk? Fine as a high thread count? (that one was for all the bedding enthusiasts out there…lol)

Fine is an obligatory response, but is the question itself meant? Do we always want to know how people are or do we ask because we feel we must? Do we care how people feel all the time…I doubt it.

“Would you like a drink?”

“oh, I’m fine thanks.”

That one always gets me. I do not care how you feel when I ask you if you want something. I often stand there looking at the person, with a look of panic.

Raised eyebrows and an exasperated sigh…“Sorry I do not want a drink.”
Ah some people know me so well.

This is like kids and their own responses to things. Maybe this is where we learned the obligatory response syndrome. (ORS)

“We’re having Chicken Alfredo for dinner tonight.”

Kids…“No thanks I don’t like that.”

“Have you tried it?”


Ah it is amazing how children’s tastebuds are so honed that they know just by the sound of the meal if they like it or not. This is definately the training ground for ORS.

“Who wants to play Backgammon?”

Kids…“no thanks we don’t like that game.”

“Oh you’ve played it?”



LOL…I can go non and on, but the ramble would turn into a novel.

I will just say that I am going to do nothing now and that’s fine…lol

Peace n Love


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