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This journal is quite enjoyable. Very few read it. I don’t post it to any group so it is more for the amazing people that have me on their watchlist…Thanks…and a few passerbys.

Today was one of those days that seemed to drag. (exept for the couple of hours spent chitchatting to a fellow bubbler…you know who you are.) This whol weekend has seemed to go on and on. I’m not complaining cause I am at an age that time seems to be beating me in the race of life.

I think once you have kids, time speeds up. It is one of those steriotype discussions that make you shake your head. I remember my mother saying the exact same phrase to me when I was young and I used to think she was nuts. Now I realize she wasn’t and now my own kids think I am nuts…lol.

There are so many of those moments now. So many statements we are told as kids and teens that we thought were malarky at the time, but they turned out to be so true. It is those moments when you realize how important your upbringing was. The joke in my home was always over food. We would say, “there is nothing to eat.” and mum would reply “theres eggs, tuna, and bread there!” It became the running joke of the family. We used to say that if the rest of the world caught on to E B T (egs bread tuna) world hunger would be solved.

Yesterday was the scariest day of my life. My 10 year old opened the fridge and announced there was nothing to eat. YES I replied that there was eggs, bread and tuna. As it came out I flashed back to the hours and hours of fun made at mum’s expense. I felt a little guilty, but that is what happens when you get older. You feel guilty for a lot of crap you put your parents through and hope that your kids won’t do the same. I think to be a good parent you have to understand that all kids test you. It is part of their growth to adult hood.

Okay this was a complete Ramble…I am so pleased I put the warning up at the start of these…lol

Peace n Love


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