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I am a firm believer in brain doctors…yes thats right, shrinks. I use the term lovingly not to poke fun. I have been seeing one for a while now and it helps you to realize issues you never thought you had…lol

I have mentioned at some point somewhere on this vast landscape of creativity that I suffered a breakdown. Messy it was, but “I am much better now.” Better? Funny word, I don’t know what it means and probably never will.

When you come from a long line of “ignore it and it goes away” you develop a wierd system to remove bad feelings. I call it bottom drawer, Stuff it all in the bottom drawer, you know that drawer we have that has older clothes or clothes that don’t quite fit. You are attached to them and want them readily available, even though you never actually go there unless you haven’t done your laundry in a few weeks and think that possibly there is something clean in the drawer….oops off topic.

I will say that having someone who has no social connection to you gives you much more freedom to talk. I have found that I am a very chatty person behind the DRs door and between my blank stares out the window and my incessant jittery movements, I have a lot to talk about.

I am a fidgitter, I have been as long as I remember. Knee always moving or hands tapping. I have actually swayed from time to time. This is apparently indicative of a nervous mind. I like to think of it as an active mind…but I was told I was wrong.

My current Dr is an amazing woman. she is laid back and knowledgeable. Not afraid to pull a book off the shelf to look up what she thinks may be wrong with me. She is good at putting me at ease and has gained my trust, which is the most important thing when looking for a shrink. If you are uncomfortable with your DR you will not get anything out of your sessions.

How to find a good shrink.

1. Are they busy?
If they are you will experience on more than one occasion the “time’s up” phrase right when you are having that teary breakthrough. Not pretty.

2. Male or female?
I communicate better with female Drs…maybe because of my Mother.

3. Location
Okay, I am not the one to answer this. the Dr I have right now is an hour away from me. I like her so I travel. Probably I should say something like you want them close to home. I actual prefer them well away from where I live. I do not want to run into them at the grocer…“so Paul how’s that self examination of inner peace coming? and could you pass a few apples over here?”

4. The Office
I am not a stuck up pompus ass, but the look of the office is important. Although I enjoy fisher price toys as much as any guy does, if that is all that is in the waiting room, you may be with the wrong Dr. Yes this has happened to me and I really do not like talking to puppets.

Remember these points and happy hunting…I have rambled as much as I can today…remember I always warn you before you read…

Peace n Love


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