I Ramble Sometimes...


Hello all ramblers and readers of such rambles as this.

It has been a while since I have clicked on my journal and wrote the title, “I Ramble Sometimes…” but after a lovely week of vacation with my kids, I felt it necessary to ramble on about the wonderful world of camping.

Now i am not a first time camper. In fact in my youth before my m-m-marriage, I camped a lot. I love it, being outdoors and enjoying nature in all it’s glory. I love canoeing and just lazing about…the odd swim…the odd glimpse of wildlife…it is awesome.

Did i mention I have 3 girls, ages 6, 8, 11…and camping is a new experience…yes I took em…and it was AWESOME…and a bit of a learning experience. My eldest was a bit skiddish, but in the end I think she loved it. We were unfortunately adopted by a few raccoons, who somehow figured out that we were easy marks. These well honed bandits, managed to steal our hot dog buns, some chips, poptarts and finally the much loved and sorely missed marshmallows…(I cried over that).

You see it had been a while for me too and stupid me forgot about the little devils in the masks. The buns they stole while i was 2 feet away from them…the marshmallows…well I was putting 2 (I am a double roaster) on a stick when they launched there attack.

This lead to my 11 year old getting a bit turned off and when they started fighting in the bushes, Meg wanted to go home. If you have ever heard fighting raccoons it sounds like viscious rabid baby wails…I swear it is quite frightening in the fire glowed darkness of a campsite…I manged to calm her down a bit, but she was still quite scared. As the looming darkness loomed the forest came alive with sounds. I found it soothing…Meg found it disturbing…The other two found meg amusing (they loved every minute of the Great Raccoon Caper).

The end of this story was that my Meg ended up finding the humour in the furry thieves and the camping was a success. This was the camping test, next year we head north to places unknown…did I mention the campground we stayed at was 5 minutes from my home…LOL…it was a test and I discovered a lovely campsite in a large conservation park literally 5 minutes away. So if there were real issues I could pack up and head home without much trouble….I still giggle…but they passed the test….can’t wait for next year!!

Until next time…

Peace n Love


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