I Ramble Sometimes...


Hello and good day to my reading ramblers!

Yes I am rambling, but this one is more personal than I normally put up, so read, agree, disagree…whatever…“I like cheese…”

It is so easy to allow oneself to be put off by others. Sometimes we hope on a subconscious level that someone somewhere will criticize and give us an out. Whether it is a spouse, a friend, a stranger, we tend to want a self depracating comment to give us an excuse for failure.

I will put forward to all and to myself, that failure is not dependant on criticism, but on you and I (the creators…) giving up. Each of us can say that there work is not good enough or that they don’t feel supported in their art, but guess what….we’re wrong. Sure it would be awesome to get nothing but love and attention for everything we do in life, however that is not life.

What I found, and this is personal, was that I could say to myself i was not good enough because someone else thought that. It was like a confirmation for me…in my mind I was “yes I am right…I suck.” this wasn’t because of a criticism, it was because I didn’t believe in myself. Instead of taking the critiques and possibly improving or just ignoring (because they were wrong…lol), I would give up.

When push comes to shove, you have to be your own biggest supporter. You have to believe in what you do and accept a critic, or an insult from time to time. In the long run who cares…really….who has to care?

Only you!

The odds are with over 5 billion people alive on this little orb we call a planet, someone will love it, someone will hate it….but in the end you created it and that is awesome.

Peace n Love!!


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