I Ramble Sometimes...


Hello all of you…it has been a while…no rambles…boo hoo.

So I thought I would force a ramble, and talk to myself at this late hour. As always my warning is in effect and I will once again before you go too far remind you.

The warning gives my a peace of mind that even if you find this drivel inanely upsetting and horribley spelt…you can not get angry…tee hee.

The world is an odd place for me right now…I am deeply absorbed in absolutely nothing. (which is at least something…lol) I have found so many kindred souls on this little red space and for that I am grateful.

There is soooo much talent, and yet we are all struggling artists. It is funny how a community of artist will find each other one way or another. Is it the quirks that bind us? Is it the humour hiding a sadness? Or is it just a selfish need to seek out those who get us?

Who cares…lol…I just like you. Yes you! The person reading this right now. You are the one I like. You are the one who keeps me tapping on these keys and weaving these images in my head. I share my poems because I am selfish and want others to get me…lol.

I write stories because they are there, but if I had no one to share them with, well I do not believe I would write. I found out that I am not a writer who wants to horde their work…although there was a time I was. Those works are filed away for later use or perhaps no use at all.

When I joined RB I decided that the works would be new and fresh. I decided to stretch my writing from my usual quarry to other things. I feel that I have acheived a bit of satisfaction when I look at the 136 written works. every comment ever given has helped me go on.

Some give me support, some assistance, some are just to say keep going. Each one hold a place in my fingers as I type, each one keeps my fingers typing.

Does any of this make sense?

I will summarize.

Thanks to each and everyone of you…a writer needs readers, or else they are not writers. Each of you make me feel genuine in my craft….so again…Thank You.

Peace n Love


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