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When i went to this event.. it was just on the 2nd year after ‘Webgrrl’ was born and 1.5yrs from the time i first found the Psytrance community. With over 8000 people there, and me knowing the NSW and VIC psytrance community – i was quite surprised and saddened after the eclipse moment, that i somehow viewed this unforgettable moment totally by myself. As the totality happened, the first thought that came to my mind was my four kids and tears just streamed down and a voice told me to put down the camera and just view it also with my own memory (and not all thru the camera lense).

The fact of me being totally by myself, whilst everyone else i knew told their stories of being within their ‘group’ being able to scream, wow and wahooo and hug and all that with others – always bugged me for the next few years. Just kept wondering .. Why? What was the reason, Why did universe send me all the way to my first desert experience, first eclipse experience with thousands of people and then when that moment.. why was i by myself? How did that happen etc..

In Jan 2005, i started saving $$ for my Turkey Eclipse experience (29 March 2006). I started a blog on Blogger called From Tent to Turkey early February to make sure i keep to my goal (cuz once i publish/say something.. i tend to do it). Even though my plans was to go to Turkey, no Psytrance festival was confirmed there, and all rumours were pointing to Brazil, where the eclipse path of the sun was starting from animation of path below

But my instincts had always said Turkey was the place, and so i kept to my own intuitions. In April/May 2005 it was announced that the festival would be in Turkey :D with still a possibility of one happening in Brazil on the beach..

As i hadnt been overseas since arriving in Australia 20yrs ago, just the goal of going overseas, finding someone to move into my house whilst i was away to mind my 3 kids, save $5000 whilst being on the pension was a goal, i seriously thought i was totally kidding myself. But i told self, “Look, even if you dont make it, you would have saved much money, learnt more about Turkey, etc.. so there would not be any real ‘Loss’, right?”

And so, i kept on plodding away towards this fantasy/goal with the mantra of ‘Believe in Yourself’ and kept researching and making contact with others that was heading to Turkey..

I took courage and wrote to the organisation, Indigo Kids, introducing myself re taking photos at the upcoming event and offering any assistance in promotion etc , in hope that maybe i could get a media pass, saving me the price ticket of 180euros..
I made the connection, and helped them out with total happiness and our friendship grew daily thru MSN (the organisers were based in Israel). Few months later, i was asked by the organisers wait for this! to design the festival Ticket!!!! To cut long story short..

  1. i designed the festival ticket
  2. they paid me $450 USD
  3. my airport to festival transport, food, water, soft drinks, smokes and beers was taken care off for the full 9 days i was there
  4. and i was the official Soulclipse photographer
  5. by the time i flew out of Melbourne, 15th March 2006, i had saved a total of $9000 ; and after paying for airfares, insurance, and a laptop, i had $5000 for spending money.
  6. i arrived back in Melbourne 12 weeks later with $2500 still left in my ‘travel savings’
  7. ive kept saving, and thats for the 2009 Eclipse…

Whilst i was designing the 2006 Eclipse festival ticket, the answer (revelation) came to me about the Why i was alone at the 2002 eclipse..

If i was with everyone, in a group etc – it would have not been possible for me to have taken these photos (with my olympus C700 – 2Megapixel – no special lense, nuthing!!) with these most awesome sillhouettes..

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