i GOT my cards that i ordered from RB on Monday!!! Wow didnt realise i ordered so many.. lots of mine..and 7 of diff peoples

They are wonderful, and at times i cant get over how thick they are. At first i thought there was two cards stuck together. Hehe, as u can see i havent been mingling with much Premium quality cards.. :P

I bought lots of mine in different topics (skyscape, psytrance events, etc) so that i can create a display folder and show them around the local area, in hope they would be interest to stock/buy some..

So im looking for a suitable presentation folder thang.. binder (TBO mentions Officeworks got A5 folders thangs..) and also definitely need to buy a boxful of the clear celophane sleeves too so no fingerprints — any of the RB elves able to help? Maybe since u’all buy truckload of the stuff already – maybe you can sell em to us – they are tools for our marketing needs -)
But seriously – i need to get them asap.. and would prefer to get from RB if not.. will follow up link that i saw in one of Jo’s post on marketing..(which i think its a list of suppliers on yellowpages)

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