Adults & Kids : We are teaching and learning EVERY Single Moment

theres all these people – adults -
who havent totally succeeded in being an adult
or really even know what that word means..
probably cuz they were too busy ‘trying’ to be one..
..when they were a kid.

theres all these incomplete adults..
who had kids.
who are absorbing the reflection – examples – of supposedly ‘adults’

theres all these adults who are finally realising about themselves, maybe – by mid 30s
their kids are blissful in primary school..
mixing with other kids of incomplete adults

there’s all these people who feel old
they just passed their 40th birthday..
Adulthood is finally upon them, whether they want to or not..

theres all these kids trying to be adults..
cuz adult means freedom

freedom means sex drugs and rock and roll
doing what u want, when you want
freedom means money and luxuries
having it all now – and who cares about tomorrow
when no one treasures yesterday..

theres all these freedom seekers
reflection of their parents – the real adults-

theres all these people – from baby to the super oldies -
swimming in each others angst and confusion
looking for the same things
Love – truth – respect – acceptance & acknowledgment

theres all these people
drowning in the same shit with a different smell
trapped in the vicious circle..
reflecting of each other

- Every life challenges we cheat and run away from is a lesson we are not able to teach our children.

Webgrrl – 23 July 2007

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