Due to my addiction to creative arts, i have..

purchased the domain ARTDICTIVE.COM to house all my arts i have for sale at various places – under one roof. Well, thats the plan anyways…

Few weeks, over even months ago – i questioned myself if it was a good idea to have my arts available for sale at different places online. I wondered if it was a better idea to stick to one place.. as i focus on my creative arts and the selling or sharing of it.. as part of my misson/goal : Sustainable Lifestyle.. So pretty much fulltime – and first major goal, is to make minimum wage weekly from all that i do.

Then i pictured myself in a proper ‘real’ shop/office etc.. and i asked myself, if i would just have one supplier of goods or many? Would there be only one supplier providing me with tshirts, or would i have different ones for different products – so that i have the best available for my customers..

With that.. i bought Artdictive.com :)

Yesterday – i opened another account here in RedBubble – under identity of Artdictive
In this section, Im gonna only put CARDS.. cuz other than the fact i seem to have trillions of stuff.. I want better control of the pricing – and with the current system RB has at the moment, the markups what i want for the cards is pushing the prices of the WallArt prices too high for my liking.

Ive noticed few others here have done this too (card only account) – so thought id give it a go :)

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