My RedBubble T-Shirt Designs : bought and Slashed!

Not that long ago, before Christmas (i thinks) my friend Mish purchased one of my designs, KiwiCircle from here.. It wasnt till I went to Rainbow Serpent Festival few weeks ago (Australia day weekend) that i got to see her wearing it. Infact it was the first time i’d seen a ‘customer’ wear my designs, and what a wonderful surprise to see how she and another friend of mine (Azim) had ’modified the t-shirt.

Mish wasnt too happy with the style of the tshirt, not the type to be wearing the standard type tshirt, so she asked Azim to SLASH it! And that he did! I like it so much that im thinking of getting him to do my Sungoddess :D

photo of Mish wearing the tshirt (front and back)

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