ECLIPSE galore for Feb 2008 !!

The Solar Eclipse on February 7th 2008 is an Annular Eclipse, where the Annular phase can only be seen from a small section of Antartica. South-Eastern Australia and all of New Zealand will see a Partial Solar Eclipse, with varying degrees of obscuration depending on your location. For other parts of Australia and the rest of the world, they will not see any solar eclipse.

The table below shows the timings for the points of contact during the Partial Eclipse. The times are given in local time for that city. The last column is the percentage of the Sun that will obscured by the Moon (ie: how much of a “bite” will be taken out of the Sun).

Unless you’re planning a trip to Antartica to view the Annular Eclipse, New Zealand offers the best view of the Partial Solar Eclipse, with a maximum of 47-53% of the Sun being covered by the Moon. Tasmania offers the best Australian vantage point, with 18% of the Sun obscured. Sydney/Newcastle areas see an 11% obscured Sun.

read full info/see photos (and how to take photos)/sourced : IceInSpace

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