Things id Like to see in RedBubble

a NEXT button (DONE)
when previewing other peoples creative collection, it would be nice to have a next and previous navigation button, so its easy to browse thru peoples stuff.

a SLIDESHOW option
it’d be nice to be able to sit back and preview peoples things thru a slideshow type thang..

EDIT/DELETE buttons in Comments
To be able to edit comments from typo mistakes or even delete message (for example, i mistakenly double posted a comment whilst lookin thru someones works, but couldnt delete the 2nd mistaken comment. Also i think we should be able to delete comments by others in our gallery that we dont want – or at least be given the option.

REPOST button (DONE)
Sometimes we have updated our works (or have a larger one to post) so instead of having to delete post and post the updated one (and having to tag and rewrite) — it would be nice to be able to reupload

Private Messaging/Email to other RB members (DONE, but quite primitive)
at the moment, i dont think i can send a message to any members, other than directly to their comment box – so be nice to have the option to be able to comment or say something to members without the whole world seeing it..

New comments, View count (DONE)
Be good to be able to see in one glance if we have new comments to our creative works and also viewcount of each submission

Subfolders Be good to be able to put our works into subfolders in our gallery – so that we can have better management in displaying our work (eg: Black & White, Manipulations, Nightshots, Landscapes, etc)

I acknowledge RedBubble is still a baby — but i thought id start a wishlist anyways… * GriNS *

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