Universe is talking..

Tonite i uploaded more of my photoart & graphic pieces, wondering as i went.. how much of my stuff should i add into RedBubble.
Should i add only my best one.. and which best ones? The ones that i think are the best ones, or the ones the public has recepted most..

Dont say post them all.. it could take me months, hehe

I then logged off RedBubble and went back to doing my photos that i took last week at the Akasha Festival.. then i checked my email, and saw that i had received something from StarIQ http://www.stariq.com – which im a member of, and they send planetary updates according to your birthdate/chart.

I had to share this in here.. being my first journal post in RedBubble. I think the universe is talking.. What do you think?

Mar 03, 2007
Transiting Mars Trine Natal Jupiter

Invest your energies fully into adventure, romance, the love of life and the desire for knowledge. Any one or more of these activities reaps fruitful reward. Demonstrate generous and magnanimous acts with your energy. Give freely of yourself. Share your experiences. Invention, innovation and dramatic creativity burst forward with nova-like expanse. Write, design, articulate and create. Your efforts are rewarded and heralded. Take time and effort for the things you always say you’d do “if so and so happened.” It is.

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