What i've been doing the last couple days...

Over the last two days ive designed some new designs on t-shirts and took take a break from designing the t-shirts, i designed another ’Visual Promo" thingy (what is the correct term.. ?) to email, blog around webpages and places online.. Ive put it on flickr for starters.. cuz from there i can blog it easy to other places too

click on the graphics to see larger size

I went WOAH.. when i counted and realised i’ve got 70 t-shirts here!

Earlier this week, i also designed a banner to place on my site Ozdoof.com telling visitors that now they can buy photos and more..

  1. I have also been doing alot of little fiddly things around my Webgrrl.Biz site.. Upgrading my Wordpress to the latest one was one.. didnt break anything, phew!
    Changed the top frame – deleted some links, added some more new ones..
  2. And did similar things to Psydewalk Markets. All the sites are all finally coming together.. its nice to see..yay! But still long way to go…
  3. Brought in the decorator and gave my RedBubble profile a krankin.. its all girly now.. haha.. Have a LooK clicktyCLiCk

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