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James: How did you get into RedBubble ?

Webgrrl: It was a meant to be connection for sure. I first read about RedBubble whilst browsing thru a site about Web 2.0, and I was updating some of my sites with info of where people (photographers) can sell… do something with their images.. I found it at mashable . And then either that same night or the next day, my bestest friend Rick Monk (who i bought my first camera from 12yrs ago, and my photo mentor..if i had to choose one) msgd me thru MSN to tell me about RedBubble – he had already joined.. so i joined.. Wonder what date that was… twas certainly a ‘birthdate’. It was February 2007 though… I remember being very excited..cuz it was Australian and started telling everyone, and posting it around sites too..made banners and everything! hehe

J: What’s the experience like now that you’ve been here for a few months ?

W: Well RedBubble is like Oxygen to me now.. its the first thing i check when i wake up.. Its also the last place im at before i go to bed (6-7am). Even though im not part of the RB team, i sort of feel like its my baby/sibling.. maybe cuz ive waited for something like RB for sooo long (about 12years).. It’s a bit like finding a soulmate..:)

The experience has been wonderful.. like a mum watching her kid grow each day and the crew that runs RB is REAL.. unlike other similar sites which is quite sterile (when communicating/relating to those behind the scene of a particular website). Maybe its cuz its Australian, and we have that ‘earthy’ thing – but RB feels more than just a website (eg : flickr, cafepress, etc). RedBubble is like family :)

I used to upload to flickr everyday..(got over 10,000 good pix on there now) but since RB – there’s been a definite decline of my presence in flickr… and im happy now that i can balance my stuff by putting the real good ones on RB, giving me a place where i can show and sell my creative works whilst feeling safe and at ‘home’.

J: Favourite site feature ?

W: Hmm.. checking for Sales and comments i suppose! But i would like to think that my most favourite feature of RB is still to come.. I love all of RB features quite equally i think at the moment. OOh.. i just made another sale as we speak.. hehehe

J: Oh a nice unplanned lead in to my next question – how are your sales going? What sells?

Sales are going Great! Very promising.. I sold my first Tshirt (sungoddess) on April 11 and then since the Sungoddess got featured in Sunday Life, its been going wonderful.. beyond my expectations. All up I’ve sold 13 items to date, 12 t-shirts and 1 small framed piece (spiralfractals). Still havent sold a ‘photo’ ever (in RB or elsewhere) – which sort of funny, as I’m known for my photos.. BUT having the SunGoddess featured and seeing the sales in that week, gave me affirmation that my creative arts is good. Before RB I was known only within the Psytrance community.. which is quite small compared overall to say, general mainstream community and i had always wondered how I would go.. outside the psy community. So the Sunday Life feature was like a big HUG from the universe saying that my stuff is good..and that I’m on the right track.. Thank you sooo much RB for giving me the platform to stand on for a little while..so that i could shine

TShirts is what im selling the most – I aim to create designs that is Psytrance/music, Psychedelic, Spiritual, Earth/Universe, Positive affirmations … well i try to design what everyone is not.. Also in my years in the Psy music and arts community – I’ve seen some awesome tshirts and art pieces but the price tag on each was always above $50AUD each, which is something I never could afford.. So thats also what I focus on.. creating pieces that everyone can afford.. and not just available at certain places/prices

Of the 12 tees I have sold.. 9 tees were the Sungoddess and the others are Psychedelic type designs. I’ve been working on fine tuning to get fractals on to tshirts, nearly every day now… it takes quite a bit of work to get them right..and hopefully one day soon.. i will master it :)

J: Last question (for now): Promotion is really important to drive traffic and sales for any artist. What have you done, what’s working?

W: To promote my creative works I have:

  1. made banners and buttons and placed it in my blogs and websites, Stay active in RedBubble thru commenting on others people works, converse in forums, puts a large amount of photos and designs in RB and other places..
  2. Added buttons/links, a mention, in Other forums/places (psytrance), – places that I hangout that wouldn’t know about RedBubble, yet. Tell /show friends & associates in my msn contact list my new design, t-shirts, that a particular person would like etc.
  3. Journaled my sales or thoughts, ideas, re my designs or daily experience.. in my Webgrrl site,
  4. updated all my profiles in the various social network websites that i have an established presence in (eg: MySpace, Flickr, etc)
  5. Added links to my email signature
  6. Made widgets/slideshow type thang (web 2.0) – really utilizing all the stuff/service u can get free online and instead of showing photos of family snapshots, i showcase my stuff available in redbubble.. and add a link.. etc
    design graphic presentations & minisite of my designs – make like virtual shopfront / exhibition
  7. promoted red bubble as Australian yay! and just explain to friends all the good things thats been happening to my life, and why im real excited… and No, its not multilevel marketing
  8. Most importantly : I’ve put love and belief in my creative expressions and when i put them online and share/promote it.. its like I’m giving it wings to fly, and its exciting to see where it lands…

J: Thanks so much for your time here, we’ll keep in touch and keep publishing a few sales tips from your wild mind in the future!

Well there it is.. my first interview :) This was in the debut newsletter by James Pierce who da head honcho of the Marketing, Selling dept for RedBubble (correct me if im wrong guys.. ) RedBubble has been giving me a few firsts actually.. grins All these wonderful things happening lately


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