New Moon in Gemini
Thursday, June 14, 8:13 pm PDT, 11:13 pm EDT (check for Australian times)

The New Moon in Gemini spawns scores of ideas and conversations; some are mere distractions while others spark interests that can change your life. Conflicts with bosses and bossy people are possible. Secrets surface to alter the balance of power as potent Pluto opposes this Sun-Moon conjunction. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, is about to turn retrograde in subjective Cancer, which can delay the effects of this lunation. Harmonious contacts from active Mars and patient Saturn favor long-term building over short-term solutions, so allow plenty of time to filter through the many choices Gemini offers to find one worthy of a serious commitment.

The Gemini New Moon is like a bouquet of ideas that brighten the mind with myriad possibilities. We can chase after them like butterflies and wander far from the path of intention and purpose. If you’re seeking mental stimulation, an off-road experience can give you the inspiration you seek. But if you are already committed to a plan, tame the temptation to follow concepts that are more likely to lead you astray than take you towards your goal.

sourced : StarIQ

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