Promoting new designs/series

OK, this weekend ive been making an attempt to look into how i can promote my designs/arts further once i’ve got them ready and online. I realise that i could design something SUPER but getting the word out there, and letting people (the world!) know is another challenge..

Whilst RB is doing a great job with promoting mine and others arts out there – i know i need to target certain areas (communities) differently. As im not that great with written promotions, i tend to utilize more of my graphic skills, in getting peoples attention (plus the fact, i do hang around more in ‘visual/image’ places/communities)

First project i thought i would try was to do a small showcase/preview of one design – showing the different type of products available with that design, the SunGoddess for example.

Next, i have the aim of creating a ‘window shop’ to show the collection – which i have in two different places ; RedBubble (RB) and Cafepress (CP). My target audience is of course for people who arent familiar with these places – so its something that i can post in places (communities) that im active in (and have established a presence) like MySpace, Tribe, various forums, my own sites, Flickr, Zaadz, Stumbleupon, Blinklist, Digg, + lots more! Once again utilizing Web 2.0 to its fullest when possible..

Here’s what i did to get the link and info start spreading into the web world

After making the graphic (above) i uploaded it into my one of my own site PHOTOARTGRAPHY.NET

I made a seperate section in the gallery so that i can keep adding different showcase images for diff designs that i want to feature -and i named the area : iCREATESHOP. When visitors reach there – they will be presented with a small selection of whats available and with links to take them directly to the design on both sites RB & CP.
I’ve made a point to try and not double up on designs – and if you look, you will see that the SunGoddess on RB and CP have a slight variation. I just seem to think its nicer to do it this way – cuz it gives people genuine variety. I also make a point to try and keep the prices around the same.

Once that was done, i posted the image also to my Flickr and from there, i utilized their ‘Blog This’ and posted it to my Webgrrl.Biz (wordpress) blog. So just by doing that and adding some description text to the image.. now those keywords, links and all associated will be fluttering around in the WWW next few days.. :) I will be posting the same info to other sites im member of and hopefully someone will discover my bit of art.. that they otherwise wouldnt have found..

We wait and see ;)

I also made a banner – so i can add it to my collection and exchanges

and i ended up liking the ‘icreateshop’ so much, that i went and bought the domain name too :P im hopeless! LoL

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