Long time ago... i use to draw...

I use to draw a lot..
and write..
Even in primary school, i would make just simple xmas or bday cards and sell them for like 5-20cents.. My sis and i would also make ‘posters’ and sell them. They would be drawings of pretty girls, or a ‘love story’ type drawing, or sometimes manga type (except i didnt know they were called manga/anime)..
I kept drawing girls/women.. twas what i enjoy most – until they all started looking the same (i use to get copy photos from magazines etc)..

Then i had my first child..n got married..and the drawing and writing stopped. Then marriage didnt work out… the drawing and writing started again… then i met my next partner.. yah, you guessed it… + i had 3 more kids

The next time i was to become a single again..my tools of creativity outlet was the computer and the internet..

i havent stopped being creative since then…
i havent had a partner either…

Self love is much more rewarding :)

Have you checked in with yourself lately?

Two pieces of my drawings from 1987 / Scanned

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