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  1. PLEASE TAG YOUR IMAGE with Psychedelic_Arts or Psychedelic "
    THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, or your images may be removed.
    If you are submitting a piece of art into this group, then by logic, it should have ‘PSYCHEDELIC’ in the tags
  2. Submit up to TWO (2) images per section (art/clothing) per person, per day.
  3. Make an effort to comment on at least one image in the group pool by others, each time you post.
  4. Do not submit images that are similar, one after another, we like variety :)
  1. If you are not sure whether your image is Psychedelic or not, just ask me.
    Bubblemail me with the link of your image.


  1. images that are not considered ‘psychedelic’ will be removed. Please read the groups description to see if your images have the qualities of Psychedelic Arts before submitting, if you are not sure..
  2. please excuse me if i dont write to each one thats removed with the explanations.. You are welcome to write to me to enquire, if you would like to know why it wasnt ‘psychedelic’ enuf.. :)
  1. about this group/what to post:
    Fantastic, metaphysical and surrealistic subject matter, kaleidoscopic, fractal or paisley patterns, bright and/or highly contrasting colours, extreme depth of detail or stylisation of detail. Morphing of objects and/or themes and sometimes collage, inclusion of phosphenes and other entopic motifs, repetition of motifs.
  1. Please visit Wikipedia’s definition of Psychedelic Arts to understand/learn more

  1. definition of psychedelic arts: (from Wikipedia)
    Psychedelic art is art inspired by the psychedelic experience induced by drugs such as LSD, Mescaline, and Psilocybin. The word “psychedelic” (coined by British psychologist Humphrey Osmond) means “mind manifesting”. By that definition all artistic efforts to depict the inner world of the psyche may be considered “psychedelic”. However, in common parlance “Psychedelic Art” refers above all to the art movement of the 1960s counterculture. Psychedelic visual arts were a counterpart to psychedelic rock music. Concert posters, album covers, lightshows, murals, comic books, underground newspapers and more reflected not only the kaleidoscopically swirling patterns of LSD hallucinations, but also revolutionary political, social and spiritual sentiments inspired by insights derived from these psychedelic states of consciousness.


The Art of Jeff Hopp
“I believe that true art is foremostly a form of communication. For me to be interested in a piece, it must tell me something. An artist can communicate many things…. ideas, emotions, events, beliefs, etc. As for my art, I am interested in illustrating events and experiences that I have witnessed on my spiritual journeys. It is a method of capturing moments that cannot be documented in any other way.
They are places that can’t be photographed, and I feel that is important to share them with others.”


  2. RESOURCES : Psychedelic Arts @Squidoo
  3. PHOTOBLOG/IMAGES : Psychedelic Wallpapers & Posters

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