Seeking Recommendation : Photoshop - Illustrator - Digital Photography

Im posting this out here (and to the universe) to send me a place..a course..a teacher.. a something (!) so that i can really LEARN..fine tune what i know..go further, with 100% commitment…willing to pay money even, about these three subjects:

  1. Advancing my self taught knowledge of Photoshop
  2. Learn/study Illustrator
  3. Immerse & LEARN into the technical aspects of Digital Photography (cuz at the moment its ALL instincts,luck & a lots of try & wing’in it)

Can anyone recommend short courses available in Melbourne? A good teacher?

I now have the time and some $$ to finally give 100% to myself (no more stayhome-single mum of four kids and occassion to put my needs in the backburner!) and would really like to learn/do all the things ive wanted to do for like, 23yrs now..

when i look at job vacancies..i dont feel like i have a chance in any of them, cuz of the job/software requirements – sometimes i dont even fully understand the sentence/job terms! Haha.. I am all self taught, and i dont know what i know, if that makes sense… Ive always been the type to take on projects/jobs by instinct and wing-it, learn as i go, jump in with both get whatever that needs to be done. And 99.9% of the time, ive done it :) quite well..if i may say so, myself :P

so now..ive got no more ‘dependants’ and its time to look after me!

ive done some courses before, and theres a lot of courses out there that put me to sleep..especially tafe/community type ones.. Thats prob more cuz im self taught, and maybe i should be in the ‘advanced’ course..but cuz i dont have a beginner ‘certificate’ or anything.. Ive always had start with the Beginners course.

I am planning to apply for NEIS and hopefully start that early Sept. But i still want to fine tune my skills, knowledge AND also start mixing with people of same interest, aims..

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