I'm in May's issue of Australian Penthouse!!!!

#Yesssreeee its True!!#

I was asked early in January this year if i’d be interested to do a shoot for Australian Penthouse, only close friends and family was told – as i didnt want to count my chickens, so to speak. :)

But yesterday i went to the newsagent and scanned the titles to see if the feature was in.. (the shoot was in late Jan), and each month, theres been nuthing, so i dont buy a copy. But this time it was!! twas near 15bux, it cost, but i had to have a copy!

Now as usual people’s mind has wandered to the typical path and think ive taken my gear off, but NO.. tis MY PHOTOS are in Australian Penthouse, NooOoo, no i didnt take photos of naked women :P

In the 2007 May’s issue of Australian Penthouse, with Dita Von Teese on the cover, you will find a 5 page feature article called Over The Rainbow and all the photos in that feature was taken by me at this year’s Rainbow Serpent Festival :) :) :) The article was written by Rak Razam, who gave me this most unbelievable opportunity!! Thank You Rak HuGs!

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