i have moved...

I have Moved..

to a street in Coburg
sharin house with some very cool energy people..

the 5yrs beautiful relationship with my first dreamreality has come to an end. It was time.. The 23yrs adventure, challenge, lessons and ultimate journey of mother..or rather ‘mothering’ has ended..so that I can begin? … finally! :D

Ive been waiting for this moment. Cant you tell? :P

Ponderments of the day
are the children a reflection of ourselves or are we the reflection of our children

i have much to say.. im in my 2nd week of the new journey..
theres so much stuff to catch up on!
so much to sink in too..

wow!! ive got all this LIFE in front of me..
and nobody to do it ‘for’ except for me..
this feels sooooooo weird..

..but exciting..

more words will tumble out soon.. got to go do other things now..

my ‘new’ workstation area

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