Today started early at 6.45am, after only 3 hours sleep.. First stop was Centerlink to start my Work Agreement thang.. yah i gotta be actively be lookin for work, now that my youngest is 14yo.. meaning the put forms in, every fortnite.. :S

So anyways, treked there.. brought some RedBubble cards of mine, and other paraphernalia to show them what my skills are and what i wanted to do.. My own business.. She said i was talented, and should try and makes me an appointment at 2pm in Tecoma to go fill out more forms for my job network number etc..

After Centerlink, i goes straight to Hungry Jacks, cuz ive been hangin for one for about a year now..haha! Had a Whopper (no cheese unfortunately, cuz ive worked out im dairy intolerant) and got a swap of Orange Juice instead of Coke/soft drinks. I was happy :)

Next went into Knox (shopping centre) and picked up school shoes for my youngest, then went into Kmart to see if i could find something to put all the cards from RB, so that i can show others (to sell) without dropping them all over the place (my presentations gotta be as premium as the cards right? hehehe)
Not much around to find.. looked thru the scrapbooking area, thinkin might find something there.. did sort of..but it was all too pink and girly for me… So went to the music/photo section of Kmart.. and looked at the albums.. But most of em, are for standard sized photos.. and as usual nuthing on the shelfs were in its place..or priced.. errr.. Found two different covered albums that took the ‘larger size’, grabbed the RB card in my bag.. to see if it fits..,,. Perfect. Walks to the price checker scanner thang….. and make it go beep! Price is $6! and holds 200 each album :) Bargain! I buy two :P On the way to the checkout i spots the latest Harry Potter book… and they have 10% off, so i grabs it for the kids.

Caught the bus back to Ferntree Gully, walks up the hill and gets home.. Think about loggin into RB, but looks at time, and decides to get all the Identification and all proof of ID sorted out for my 2pm appointment at the job network thang..

At 1.30 i head back out again, walk down the hill.. to the train station this time and got there nice.. with just 1min to wait, and train arrives on time. It was a beautifull day to be walking around.. Spring is here :)

At the Job Network place, i fill out forms and then was expecting to have someone sit with me to somewhat ask me (or even care) if i needed career guidance etc.., but nope, that was it… fill the forms and start lookin for work. I ask them about courses and it needed 3 different people to tell me that theres no grant/courses available in ‘my situation’ other than the numeracy & litracy, write resume, type of course! <insert shocked WTF look here>

I says to them, "I can design you a fully functional operating LIVE website and all promotional flyers to promote it, in 24hours, i dont think im suited for the cpurse they suggest.

And a fourth person to finally to confirmed that Yes, there is a Work SKills grant of $3000 available to certain people (which i qualify). I realised that i wasnt going to get the help, motivation and support i hoped i would get..

On the way back to Ferntree Gully i got chatting to this girl from Emerald at the train station in Tecoma, and i ended up giving her one of the Ferntree Gully Skyscape cards promo flyer, and she asked if she could have a few more to give her friends :)

I get back home just after 3pm, and finally i boot up my computer, then got distracted by the kids, wasnt till about 2hours later.. .and im doin stuff, and i realise that i hadnt logged into RB yet……

I logs in…and then i said OMG!! OOhhWAAH! It says ive made FIVE t-shirt sales, in one hit! From the same person i gather.. and someone in Euro region. BIG THANK YOU, if you reading this, whoever you are! You the cherry in my sundae today ;)

and oh by the way… SunGoddess wasnt one of the five sold! Woot! hehehe.. but its the debut sale for Sunshine Girl!

well that was my day… How was yours? :)X

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