Building my portfolio..

I’ve put ten more of my stuff on RB tonite/this morning (i dont go to sleep till about 6am each morning.. and out like a light for 5-6 hours..then back here again).

Ive been S L O W L Y going thru my older photos (finding them its a challenge!) and redoing them in bigger/higher rez..

Theres LOTS of sunsets and clouds – over 3 years in this gorgeous house/place can be blamed for that.. hope u’all like sunsets! hehehe!

Yesterday (well.. day before i dabbled with some Tshirts designs.. I see my ‘sungoddess’ got featured out in da front grinz
Am trying to think outside the graphic/flyer/web design mode of thinkin.. and tryin to come up with ways, ideas to utilize the silly amount of photos i have

Also of how to display..extend, in some way.. photos that are smaller..

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